Saturday, August 23, 2008

M is 3!

Well, I'm a little late with this post, but this wonderful girl turned 3 yesterday. My baby girl isn't such a baby anymore. She's such a fun, funny, bright, beautiful, silly girl. She's a total ham - if it makes someone laugh, she's sure to do it again. (I'm expecting future teacher notes about the class clown....) And she makes me laugh. She loves to play imaginary games - and her imagination is so good that when she doesn't have any toys to do it with, she'll just go ahead and "play fingers" - make her fingers be a family that talk to each other. She likes to dance (although she looks kind of like me, poor child - hopefully she'll grow more graceful as she gets older!) She loves music - she sings all kinds of songs. She's constantly making up new songs about whatever she happens to be doing at the time. ("I'm a cowboy riding in the forest...") She likes to play together, but she's content playing alone, too. She likes to have some alone time, certainly more than her sister does. We've read about a million books in the last three years, but she's always up for more. She can count pretty well - she says the numbers almost to 20, but she can actually count items correctly up to five or so. And I'm amazed at how many numbers and letters she knows - one day this summer, we were driving along, and she said "That sign has 2 and 5" - that would be the speed limit of 25 miles an hour. And she likes to "write" her name - one of the letters looks like it should, anyway. ;)

I love you so much, my girl. Happy Birthday!

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