Saturday, March 27, 2010

Long arm quilting

Here's a picture of the cute dress on vacation:

Hawaii was fantastic. It's taken me a bit to get back into the sewing groove, but I'm finally there. The big project I've been working on (since before Hawaii, actually) is a baby quilt for some friends. I finally got it all pieced, and my friend with the long arm machine offered to let me try it out. So this is my quilted almost final product:

Pieced back (because I didn't realize how much wider the backing needed to be to go onto the machine. I like it, though.):

The long arm machine was SO COOL! It takes quite a while to load, which I didn't realize - the top, batting and backing are all on separate rollers, and it's some work to load it all on - but the actual quilting was really fast. I just stippled it - very meandering, but I'm really pleased with how it came out. And it's way better than doing it on my machine. Not that I've even tried anything but stitching in the ditch on my machine, but I really don't like that at all. Shoving all that fabric around on my machine isn't at all fun for me. This was fun! I even put a little heart (more or less) at the bottom. And the best part is that my friend told me I could use it again if I have more to quilt. I'm definitely doing that! It's much better. I'm thinking next time I'll try spirals or something. I still have to square this up and do the binding (soon, since the new baby girl came this past week), but I'm super happy with it!

And now it's time to start back into the little girl clothing factory. I actually made a dress/matching dolly dress for a birthday present this week, so I'm kind of in the mood. I have a bunch of fabric calling out for spring outfits for my girls - gotta get on that!


Alissa said...

My jealous of your long arming is EXTREME!!! Your friend is lucky I don't live near Atlanta or else I'd be trying REALLY hard to be her friend too. It's time for me to take the lesson at a shop and start renting time...

Though so that you know... I actually find it 100% easier to free motion quilt on my little machine than to straight line quilt. You have a lot more freedom in how you move your quilt around and don't need to always be shoving the WHOLE THING through you machine. You just work your way through the quilt in an easier fashion.

Hi to Iestyn too! Hawaii looks like it was great!


Skooks said...

WOW! I love your cheery and happy quilt blocks on your quilt. I would love to make one like that sometime! You did an awesome job and I'm very jealous of your friendship with the long-arm quilting friend. ;)