Monday, June 22, 2009

Quiet week(s)

This is a post of kind of old stuff. I managed to finish up the portfolio thingys for A's party, without much trouble, actually. There are a few changes I would make if I did them again (mostly with the spacing), but on the whole they turned out well. The kids seemed to like them fairly well.

I also made A her froggy cake:
And some froggy cupcakes (which were my favorites):

They remind me of Keropi. :)

The cake was a round cake with cupcake eyes and legs cut out of a sheet cake. (I think the leg pattern came from the Wilton site, and then I just enlarged it.) And the cupcakes have marshmallow eyes, which I saw somewhere online.

The party was fun - lots of splashing around in pools, etc. Unfortunately, I had started into a rather bad case of bronchitis (probably allergy related, possibly even asthma. Joy.) So I've been sick and not sewing anything lately. I'm finally mostly better, I think - still coughing some, but I feel okay - so hopefully I can return to my machine. I have a lot of things I want to make - now I just need some time and energy to actually make them!

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