Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uncrafty stuff ;)

We've been very busy with swimming since school got out, but last night was the last swim meet, so we're done! I'm really glad we did it - A had a blast, and she learned *so* much - she went from just barely doggy paddling to swimming full on backstroke and freestyle. I'm so proud of how she's worked! She really loved it, too. It's exhausting, though (just SO busy), so I'm glad we're done for this year. (A isn't, though - she told Iestyn the other day that she wished swim team was every day forever! I'm sure M is pleased she doesn't have to go to the pool every day and NOT swim anymore, though, lol.)

In other news, we just got a Roku box, and it's super cool. It's a little box that hooks up with Netflix to allow you to watch movies instantly on your TV. Not everything from Netflix is available for instant watching, but there's a bunch of stuff, and it's really nice to be able to just watch it on the TV rather than the computer. Plus the quality of the video was really quite good. I'm very taken with it, so I've been busily adding things to my instant queue. (Such a very random selection, but there are plenty of things that I want to watch.) This is vaguely craft-related, in that this will give me more to watch while I'm sewing, since all my shows are currently off for the summer! :)

The only actually crafty thing I've done lately is work on 4th of July dresses for the girl. They aren't done yet, though. Somehow summer has not been very productive for me, probably because I tend to find it hard to sew when the girls are running around. But I'll post the dresses when I finish them!

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