Sunday, June 29, 2008


For the past couple of years, ever since we moved into this house, we've had trouble with water leaking behind the tiles in our shower. We kept recaulking it, but it finally got so bad that water leaked down into the kitchen below. Uh-oh. So, we decided that we needed to repair or replace the tiles. But once Ies looked behind the tiles and underneath the flooring, we realized that repairing wasn't going to be an option. This was going to be a complete renovation of the bathroom.

So, we started the renovations this weekend. He and I spent Saturday tearing everything out of the bathroom, down to the studs on one wall, and including about half of the floor. The process mostly went pretty smoothly, aside from when Ies had to cut a small hole in our hallway in order to access the pipes to get the bathtub out. Grr, stupid speed demon crappy 1980's builders....

So this is what a bathroom looks like without anything in it:
Today, Ies put down the floor, so there's no rotten wood anymore. Yay! And we worked out stripping off the ugly wallpaper that "decorated" the bathroom and our bedroom. Sadly, it was NOT the wallpaper that comes off in big strips. I think removing the wallpaper is going to take the same amount of time as removing everything else did! We're going to have to hire someone to do it in our bedroom - the amount of time it would take us is just depressing. So, that's not quite done - maybe tomorrow.

However, we did do a fantastic thing, which is pick out a lovely, comfy looking, deep soaking tub. So I'll be able to take long baths with a book and some lush bath bombs - my favorite! :) I'm really looking forward to that - the old tub was insanely uncomfortable, so it's been a while since that's been fun.

And the process of doing this is kick-starting us into finally doing some more decorating of the rest of the house, which is also A Good Thing. So, more pictures will come eventually, once the putting back together part starts.

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