Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dolly Clothes

So, for her 5th birthday, my older daughter decided she wanted an "American doll". Well, actually, she wanted the Target version. Anyway, we got her the dolly, and I thought that Emily Samantha (as she's now named) needed some additional clothes. Happily, I had some fabric leftover from some earlier projects, so Emily can match my daughter with a ballerina dress and some lovely pajamas:

Sorry, I don't have any shots of the PJs.

I'm loving the doll clothes, though. They're super quick and easy. I have a Simplicity pattern that I based them off of, and then I can just zip them through the serger. And the finishing can be as lazy as you want, because they're only going to be worn by a doll. I think Emily's going to end up with a lot more clothes after I get through some other projects!

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