Monday, July 21, 2008

Rainbows, part 2

I'm all about the part twos lately, huh? :)

After much, much procrastinating, I finally finished M's patchwork rainbow kitty dress. Here's a picture:
Instead of a button type bodice, I did a more empire style bodice on M's dress, and I think it looks better that way. It's also super poofy because the first tier was so wide (and they just went out from there). I had 6 rainbow fabrics, so each tier is a multiple of 6, starting with 12 squares on the first layer. Each layer after that was whichever multiple of 6 was closest to 1.5 times the previous layer. Anyway, I'm pleased. As usual, I kind of prefer my second attempt at a dress, although in this case it's mostly because I like the kitties better than the butterflies on the bodice of A's dress.

The girls wore their dresses to a birthday party yesterday, and a woman there (I didn't know her previously) kept going on and on about how I should make them for sale in a boutique. It's always a nice ego boost, although frankly, these were a massive pain to make, so even if that was a direction I was going, I don't think I'd make these for sale! Although the patchworking part was fun - it's just the circle skirt part that's a pain. All that gathering!

And, just because this picture amused me, here they are in their matching dresses, riding on the cart at Home Depot.

We're making great progress on the bathroom renovations. Actually, it's not too far off being done. The shower is usable, yay! That was just done, so I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I'm very excited!

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Bonnie said...

*Love* the rainbow dresses! Don't know how you do it, Darlin'! Good job! Good blog, too! xxoo, B.