Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, the sewing was unsuccessful for the wedding, but happily, the shopping wasn't. I have a pretty new dress to wear. Whew! I'll have to post pictures of it after the wedding. The funny thing is that colorwise, it's sort of the inverse of the dress I made - black on top and bottom, with a greenish/bluish strip in the middle. But somehow it fits way better and is actually flattering. So that's good.

In other sewing, I worked for a while this weekend on another wrap top shirt, of my own invention this time. Still didn't exactly work out, although I think I got some good thoughts out of the process. I'm going to try another pattern (Simplicity 4076, which Pattern Review picked as a best pattern of 2008, so hopefully this one will work for me.) I got it traced, but that's as far as I made it with that.

I also spent some time making bags for the game Cornhole. Ever heard of it? Apparently it comes from the midwest. At any rate, we have friends with a set, and it's pretty fun. Basically it's a beanbag toss game - each team tries to throw their 4 beanbags into a hole on a board. Iestyn's been meaning to make a set for a while now, and he finally got around to it this weekend. So I put the beanbags together for him. It was an entirely scrap project for both of us, so that's a bonus. However, it does mean that my bean bags are made from Amy Butler Nigella fabric, which I find hilarious for some reason. Anyway, they were very straightforward to make, albeit slightly tedious, because I did some major reinforcement on the seams. (They are going to be thrown something like 40 feet over and over again, you know?) Actually, the worst part of the entire project was finishing them once they were filled with beans. I had a lot of trouble fitting the full bean bag into my sewing machine (it was too tall to really fit very well), so my outer seams are extremely ugly. But I think they'll hold together.

Oh, and I did a little bit of work on a project for a swap that I'm doing with some people from But since it's secret Santa-ish (you send your gift anonymously), I can't talk much about that at the moment. ;)

Huh, I guess I actually got to sew a lot this weekend. And yet I have no pictures to share. Guess I'll get back to it, though! :)

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