Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy days

We've been awfully busy around here lately. My great big girl (who's turning SIX soon!) has had a bunch of stuff going on. She had her first (and last, I think) ballet recital this week. Here's a picture of her outfit:
She did a great job, as did the rest of the cast. (The Duluth School of Ballet puts on quite a production, I must say!) She's done with ballet, though (I think all she wanted to do was arabesque, and beginners don't do that sort of thing), and I can't really say I'm sorry. It's sort of a pain - lots of driving around - for something she wasn't all that interested in. We'll stick to other sports, I think.

Speaking of other sports, she also had her first (practice) swim meet this week. It started badly, with a (fairly legitimate) freakout over being asked to swim backstroke. (She'd never practiced it at all, so it's not so unreasonable not to want to do it, if you ask me.) But THEN, she swam freestyle, and not only did she go the entire way without touching the rope (for the first time ever, as far as I've seen), but she did it in 51 seconds! She was 6th out of 12! (Without ever putting her face in the water, lol!) She was really, really excited, and I was so proud of her. Especially since I've been kind of worried that she'd be dropped from the team for not swimming a whole lap. (The water has been extremely cold since they started practice, and that really hasn't been helping things at all.) I loved swim team as a kid, so I'm glad she's having fun. And she might even be swimming in a real meet with that time!

Oh, I think I mentioned her watermelon shorts and matching shirt in a previous post - here's a goofy yet sweet picture with M post-ballet recital:
And I have another outfit to show off - a white version of my Burda shirt, and a jean skirt that I quite like (another version of Simplicity 3881):
Very comfy. I'm working on another denim skirt - that seems to be a summer wardrobe staple for me this year. At some point I'll have some more tops to show off as well, but I probably should sew the kids a couple of dresses first. They're starting to complain... ;)

And a completely random note - we saw the Star Trek movie this evening, and it was awesome! I definitely recommend it!

I find it hard to believe that it's already June tomorrow. The calendar's pretty much full for the month, so I'm sure it'll fly by....

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