Thursday, May 28, 2009

More stuff for me...

Well, I've been busily working away, but I don't have pictures of very much of my stuff. I made another one of those Burda tank tops in white. I made some super cute shorts with watermelon fabric for the girls, and A has a shirt to match (M's isn't made yet). I adapted the Favorite Things Little Smarty pants pattern (that I had previously made for M), and they fit better.

Then, I spent a whole lot of time drafting a pattern for a circle neck tank top. Since I have absolutely no pattern drafting experience, that took a considerable amount of trial and error and time. ;) I finally got something I like, and then I made it in white knit. I'm not entirely happy with the final product (I assembled it differently than my muslin, and I don't think it worked quite as well), but it's certainly wearable:
So I have a couple more of these in mind. It's quite comfy, which is nice, and I think I know how to fix my construction issues. Oh, and I made the skirt as well - the fabric was an impulse at Joann's, and I used Simplicity 3881 again, lengthened with a ruffle instead of a flounce. And I put the zipper in the side instead of the back. I like this skirt pattern a lot - it's versatile and flattering. I'm definitely making more of these - I've been in a skirt mood lately.

Oh, and if this picture is funny, I blame my 5 year old, who took it for me! :)

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of some of the other things at some point. And I have many more things waiting to be cut out and sewn. I think I might get some good sewing time in this weekend.

I've also been spending some time lately looking at blogs because Sew Mama Sew is having a May Giveaway Day. Tons of cool giveaways available - check it out if you have a chance!

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