Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm so frustrated!!

So, this morning I fixed up the dress I posted a few days ago. All I ended up changing was making it a keyhole sort of neckline. I decided it really didn't look bad, after all. I also finished up a denim skort, which I'm very pleased with. Especially since I totally made up the skort part. It was from a Burda pattern, but I altered it quite a bit. I'll post pictures another time - I'm planning to do some applique on it, and I haven't gotten to that yet.

So all that was good. And then. Then. I had made a shirt from a Burda pattern a week or so ago - I don't think I mentioned it. It was fine, but it turned out to have a very wide boat neck, and that's just not something I'm likely to wear. (Very Flashdance.) So, I spent the day fixing the shirt. I pinned and tucked and basted and stitched, and I got it to a point where the neckline fit well. Looked good, aside from being kind of boring. And I played with ruffles and fabric flowers and all sorts of embellishment ideas. But the neckline in the end was a little high in front, and really needed a facing. So I attached a facing, and I completely destroyed all the work I'd done. The neckline looks awful. I mean, awful. Gaping, and too wide, and just weird looking. ARGH!!!! I'm so frustrated, and I'm not even sure I want to try to fix it. Just grr, grr, grr! I guess it's time to put it away for a few days and work on other things. But BAH!

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