Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sometimes the sewing skills can be very handy. The other day, M had a birthday party to attend. The plan was to go over to Target that morning and pick out a present. Only when the girls woke up, A was sick. So, since going to Target was out, I whipped up a quick present:
(There's a weird glare, but I was hurrying to take a picture before M's ride took her to the party.) It's a slightly larger version of the puffer fishes that I made the girls last year. I was fairly happy with the way it turned out, especially since I just whipped it up in a couple of hours.

Another recent project was the girls' Valentine's dresses. (They were the next project completed!)
I got the fabric ages ago and I used shirts we already had, so it was also a very cheap project. (M's shirt fits better than it looks in this picture.) And they're happy. :)

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time sewing. I was working on a dress for myself, but halfway through, I discovered I'd cut one of the pieces out wrong (argh!) and I didn't have enough fabric to fix it (double argh!) So I sidetracked to make a couple of denim skorts for the girls. I spent some time the other night cutting out a number of different projects, so it was just a question of sewing them together. With the serger it didn't take long at all. I already had some cute new tight to go with the skirts, so I thought I'd make a quick shirt to match. Pictures to come later. But first I'm going to finish my dress - M and I made a Joann's run to get another piece of fabric for it. (And, of course, fabric for some spring dresses. M is perfectly happy to go to fabric stores with me, but it's very hard to leave without letting her pick out a fabric! She cracks me up!) So that's this morning's project. Well, hopefully - my mom says I'm cursed with dresses, and she's got a point! We shall see - first if I can get it finished, and second if it actually fits right.....

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