Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shorts and other cute things....

Well, I did end up going to Gail K last week with M. My lovely mom met us at the store so she could keep an eye on M (and help me dig in the fabrics....) I got some stuff to make myself a couple of pairs of capris as well as some more for the girls. Last weekend I made a pair of short using the pattern (just shorter):
They're really cute, but I'm not so sure about the fit. Well, for one thing, they're big on M (but way too small for A). I took them in a little at the sides, although not in the way I probably should have (which would have involved taking them apart. I just wasn't up for that.) Plus the rise in front is really high, which my kids both hate, but not really in the back. I think I need to alter it a bit to get a better fit the next time. Oh, and as cute as the belt loops are, they were a *huge* pain, particularly since my children don't even own belts... The pockets are pretty awesome, though - I'm pretty sure that will be the most popular part of the whole thing for M and A.

I haven't started on any more of those yet, because I got distracted by Easter gift sewing. I made the girls super cute bunnies (if I do say so myself):
Bunny back:
I adapted a Melly and Me pattern (Petunia Pig - I'd made one for that swap a while back) for the basic idea, and just turned them into bunnies. I didn't think to stiffen the ears, so they flop rather hilariously, which is a happy accident. I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out - we'll see what the girls think on Sunday! Now I need to return to all my other sewing, though - the bunnies took way, way more time than I expected. I'd forgotten how much hand sewing was involved, and how slowly I do that!

Since it's spring break this week, we took a day trip to Chattanooga today, to visit the aquarium, which was lovely but exhausting, so I think I'll be sitting around tonight rather than sewing! It was a fun trip, and the drive wasn't bad - it's only about an hour and 45 minutes. We're thinking we'll take a long weekend up there this summer to see some of the other attractions. In addition to Rock City and all that, there's a Children's Museum that looks really neat. And we'd definitely enjoy more aquarium visits.

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