Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Sewing + more hats

Well, as previously mentioned, I've been planning on making the summer blouse from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I've had it cut out for quite a while, and I finally sewed it together the last couple of nights. I used white gauze, because I really just wanted a pool cover-up. (I don't have any pictures.) So, here are my thoughts: I made it in a medium, and it's absolutely huge. I mean, I realize it's meant to be a flowy sort of shirt, but even so, the medium is enormous on me. I probably should've gone with the small (even though I definitely don't normally wear a small!) I even took it in some on the sides, and it's still really big. Oh, and the sleeves were very long - I cuffed them, which took them in about 4.5 inches, and that made them the right length for my arms. I also slightly lengthened the top, since I'd read that it was a little short. Actually, I did all kinds of things "wrong" - I didn't use bias tape for the collar; I just did a narrow hem. And I considerably shortened the placket. I also sort of ignored the instructions on the sleeves, and just did them the same way I always do set in sleeves. I did think the sleeves were pretty easy to attach, though, both because of the pattern and because gauze is so crinkly that I wasn't terribly worried about perfection, lol! All in all, it was a reasonable pattern, I think, but I don't think it's really my style as a blouse. But it'll be a great cover-up. And I'm using the placket idea for another shirt pattern that I want to make, so that's definitely useful knowledge.

I also made a couple of bucket hats for the girls:
Cute action shot:

They're the same general concept as the one I made myself (simple reversible bucket hats); I think I'm going to do a tutorial on them sometime soon. They're fairly fast to make, although sewing around the curves requires some patience. Plus I think my (homemade) pattern pieces for the adult size really fit together better than the ones I've done for the kids - I need to play with that some more before I do any more kid hats. But they're pretty cute and useful for now!

ETA: Well, upon actually wearing her hat (rather than just posing for me), M thinks her hat is too small, and I have to agree. Bother. Oh well, I guess someone's going to get the gift of a hat!

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