Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Matchy Matchy

Despite my nasty cold and leprosy-ish hands ;), I've managed to get a few things done the last few days. The little girl across the street is having a birthday, so I made her a dress. Then I had just enough left over to eke out a matching dress for her (brand new, birthday gift) American Girl doll.

Aren't they cute? A's doll (Emily) is modeling for me... I actually made Emily doll clothes a while back, and it was super easy. This time I was using quilting cottons rather than interlock - big mistake in terms of ease! The little tiny set in sleeves were a pain! So, for my future doll clothes, I'll have to remember to return to knits or at least not do sleeves on the wovens!!

Did I mention that I bought the Favorite Things Smarty Pants and Little Smarty Pants patterns to make the girls and I capri pants/shorts? So, now I need some good fabric for them. (Well, for me, at least.) I'm thinking about a trip to Gail K's, because I saw some blue twill that I think would be great the last time I was there. The decision is, do I take M along with me or not? If I don't want to take a kid, I think I'll end up having to wait quite a while (since next week is spring break), but if I do take M, there's a 50-50 chance she'll get all crazy. It all depends on whether she thinks it's like Joann's (and I quote "I don't want to go there. It's too boring.") or Intown Quilters (aka, the "pretty fabric store"), which she loves for some reason. She wanders around and touches all the fabric. Of course, the last time we were there she got a little nuts at the end, and I had to buy a fat quarter for her as a bribe, but at least it wasn't "too boring"! lol.

(Yes, I bribe my 3 year with fat quarters. Don't you? She's not really a fabric addict yet, though - the actual bribe was letting her pick out a fabric that I would make a headband from. Although now I'm leaning toward a super cute bucket hat. But I digress...) I think it's probably a safer bet to go tomorrow and take only M than to wait until next week when I'd have to take both kids. I'd be out even more money than I will be on my own!

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